UK space start-up’s AI enhanced Earth observation tech

UK Space News

Aspia Space, a Cornwall start-up, has launched ClearSpace, an unprecedented Earth observation program that uses AI to see through clouds.

ClearSpace seeks to revolutionise our understanding of the planet’s dynamics and provide invaluable insights into various environmental sciences.

By harnessing cutting-edge satellite technology and artificial intelligence, Aspia Space aims to set a new benchmark for the comprehensive collection of Earth observation data in any weather.

The program’s scope potential is vast, encompassing crucial areas such as climate monitoring, natural disaster management, and urban planning assistance.

This ambitious endeavour holds the potential to transform global decision-making and pave the way for more informed responses to pressing challenges.

Aspia Space’s advanced satellite capabilities promise to unlock a wealth of knowledge about Earth’s intricate workings, empowering scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders in their pursuit of a sustainable future.

Aspia Space has partnered with Origin Digital, an Oxfordshire agriculture technology company, to unlock new possibilities in agriculture for farmers around the world.

Precision agriculture systems have faced challenges in realising their significant value due to the historical difficulty of obtaining clear satellite imagery at the appropriate time, as clouds typically blanket around 67% of the Earth’s surface at any given moment.

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