UK Space Agency sponsors the 5th Summit for Space Sustainability

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The UK Space Agency, a leading advocate for space sustainability, is sponsoring the upcoming 5th Summit for Space Sustainability.

This high-level, multi-day event, hosted by the Secure World Foundation, aims to develop innovative solutions for the long-term sustainability of outer space.

Scheduled for 13-14 June 2023, the summit will gather international experts, industry leaders, and policymakers to address the pressing challenges facing our orbital environment.

Julie Black the Director of Missions & Capabilities for Discovery & Sustainability at the UK Space Agency will give a keynote presentation on 13th June.

With the ever-growing number of satellites and space debris, the summit will focus on finding practical and collaborative approaches to mitigate space debris and ensure the responsible use of space resources.

The UK Space Agency’s sponsorship underscores its commitment to promoting sustainable practices in space exploration and protecting valuable orbital assets.

By supporting this summit, the UK Space Agency recognizes the need for international cooperation and the sharing of best practices in space sustainability.

The 5th Summit for Space Sustainability serves as a crucial opportunity for stakeholders to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and develop actionable solutions to preserve the space environment for future generations.

The UK Space Agency’s sponsorship reinforces its dedication to creating a secure and sustainable future for space activities.

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