UK Space Agency is funding 10 new innovative climate services

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A series of groundbreaking climate services, empowered by satellite data, are on the verge of combatting water pollution, carbon emissions, and biodiversity threats.

Backed by the UK Space Agency, ten pioneering projects are poised to harness AI, Earth observation tools, satellite tracking, demographic data to craft forecasts and models applicable across diverse sectors such as agriculture, energy, finance, and insurance.

With a funding infusion of £530,000, the UK Space Agency aims not only to identify and alleviate risks for businesses and governments but also to uncover avenues for sustainable expansion through green financing.

Minister of State George Freeman underscored space’s distinctive viewpoint in addressing challenges, while the Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, accentuated the nation’s expertise in Earth observation.

EOLAS Insight Ltd’s project stands out, concentrating on watercourse resilience to assist businesses in comprehending the repercussions of escalating global temperatures.

Another endeavor by Omanos Analytics aspires to deliver nuanced data on the impact of climate change on various demographic groups, enabling more comprehensive approaches to environmental planning.

The assortment of funded projects encompasses solutions for monitoring nitrous oxide emissions, mapping watercourse climate resilience, assessing biodiversity risks, tracking methane emissions, and more.

These services are poised to nurture a more enlightened and proactive approach to tackling environmental challenges while fostering sustainable growth.

The funded projects includes:
Agreed Earth Ltd, Bolton
EOLAS Insight Ltd, Glasgow
Frontierra, London
Map Impact Ltd, Bristol
Sparkgeo UK, Edinburgh
Agtelligence, London
Omanos Analytics, Glasgow
Capterio, London
GeoSmart Information Ltd, Shrewsbury
Stellarsat Ltd, Bristol

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