UK firms developing tech for the new Lunar Gateway Space Station

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NASA and its partners including the UK Space Agency will explore the scientific mysteries of deep space with Gateway, humanity’s first space station to orbit the Moon.

Starting with the Artemis IV mission in 2028, the international teams of astronauts living, conducting science, and preparing for missions to the lunar South Pole region on Gateway will be the first humans to make their home in deep space.

In the video you can see the Power and Propulsion Element, HALO (Habitation and Logistics Outpost), Lunar I-Hab, Lunar View, Crew and Science Airlock, Canadarm3, Deep Space Logistics spacecraft, and Initial Gateway science payloads.

Gateway is part of the Artemis architecture to return humans to the lunar surface for scientific discovery and chart a path for human exploration further into the solar system, such as to Mars and beyond.

British company Thales Alenia Space is helping to develop Gateway’s ESPRIT module, which will provide vital elements for communications and refuelling services.

The UK’s Metalysis is developing technology that could help pave the way for an extra-terrestrial extraction plant for turning moondust into oxygen and building materials.

British engineers are also devising new concepts for energy generation in deep space, by exploring how nuclear tech to provide power to support activities on the Moon and beyond.

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Thumbnail credit: NASA