The UK Space Agency is investing in AI and machine learning skills

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The UK space sector has experienced rapid growth, with its income more than doubling over the past decade, rising from £8.3 billion in 2009 to £17.5 billion in 2021.

However, the availability of skilled and experienced professionals in this field has not kept up with this fast-paced expansion.

The 2023 Space Sector Skills Survey indicates that there is a strong need for fresh talent possessing expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning within the UK space industry.

Conducted by the UKSA in collaboration with the Space Skills Alliance and the survey indicated 50% of job openings within the industry were related to software and data analysis roles.

Now the UK Space Agency intends to allocate £15 million towards education, skills development, and outreach programs over the upcoming two years, nearly a fivefold boost in funding for these initiatives.

“Our rapidly evolving space sector is home to ambitious organisations pursuing cutting edge science and technology, and generating significant investment opportunities. We’re committed to catalysing this growth and ensuring a strong pipeline of highly skilled professionals into the sector.”

— Professor Anu Ojha, Director for Championing Space at the UK Space Agency

Professor Ojha also said that the agency is dedicating £15 million via its Inspiration Programme aimed at implementing educational, skill-building, and outreach initiatives within the next two years.

The UK Space Agency is enabling educators to incorporate captivating space-related learning into their curriculum, and assisting space industry employers in creating opportunities for newcomers entering the field.

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