Northumbria University and Lockheed Martin developing space based solar power

UK Space News

Northumbria University, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, is embarking on an ambitious project centred around space-based solar power.

The partnership seeks to explore the viability of capturing solar energy in space and transmitting it back to Earth for practical applications.

This joint effort aims to conduct comprehensive research into the advantages and challenges associated with this groundbreaking technology.

Space-based solar power involves the deployment of satellites equipped with solar panels to capture solar energy in space.

The collected energy is then beamed to Earth, where it can be converted into usable electricity.

The collaboration between Northumbria University and Lockheed Martin demonstrates a shared commitment to advancing innovative technologies and pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.

“Northumbria University is a UK front-runner in research into photovoltaics and solar energy and our reputation for world-leading research in space and satellite technologies has grown exponentially.” – John Woodward, Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor for Engineering and Environment

“We are delighted to be helping grow the North East’s space economy and the overall industrial capacity and resilience of the UK’s space and manufacturing sectors.” – Paul Livingston, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin UK

As a key collaborator with the UK Government, Lockheed Martin is also engaged with the UK Space Agency in the inaugural vertical satellite launch from the SaxaVord Spaceport located in Shetland.